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Joaquin Murrieta References


Joaquin Murrieta and His Horse Gangs by Frank Latta. First printing 1980, most detailed account of Murrieta, especially after his supposed killing. Latta believes Murrieta survived the attack by Captain Love and returned to Mexico until his death. Book is good reading with researched performed by the author himself.  
Joaquin Murrieta, California Outlaw, written in Spanish by Ireneo Paz, translated by Frances Belle. First printing 1925. Life and adventures of Joaquin Murrieta in California during the gold rush years.
Joaquin, Bloody Bandit of the Mother Lode. The story of Joaquin Murrieta. William Secrest. 1974.
Life and Adventures of Joaquin Murrieta, The Celebrated California Bandit by Yellowbird (John Rollin Ridge), 1893. The original story of Joaquin, which was more fantasy that reality. Stories were later reproduced in the Police Gazette.

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