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The Official Website of Joaquin Murrieta

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This site is the Official Website of Joaquin Murrieta. It will explore whether Joaquin was a freedom fighter, founder of the Chicano movement, 'Robin Hood of El Dorado' or a common gold robber, criminal, gang member. Was he captured, shot, killed and beheaded by Capt. Harry Love at the Arroyo Cantua OR did he escape to Sonora, Mexico where he was able to live and tell his story for many years? One thing is certain, Joaquin is a mysterious and  ambiguous figure who took advantage of his time and left a name for himself in the annuals of early California History.  

Joaquin Monthly Question/Poll #1:

This is more of a poll than a question:

Was Joaquin a robber/criminal or a freedom fighter, 'Robin Hood' of the West?

Email your response to Answers will published on October 15th.



Painting of Joaquin Murrieta by Nahl in 1880

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